Welcome to the Hospitality Network

Welcome to the hospitality Network

What Is It?

Hospitality Network is a new no membership, no fees, no obvious rules, and a “pay as you dine” thought leadership and ideas exchange organisation.

Born from a group of caterers and consultants who meet informally to discuss industry issues over lunch and a glass of wine, it has now grown into an organised series of events that sees a more and more diverse range of people all joining together for the good of the industry.

At this stage attendance is by invitation only as numbers need to be managed while we grow.

What Do We Talk About?

We like to discuss those issues that for one reason or another get swept under the table in all other arenas. Whether these topics are design-led , from management consultants, kitchen houses, distributors, manufacturers, hoteliers, food service operators, et al – all are welcomed into the Hospitality Network.

As a consultant-led organisation, topics under discussion will largely be suggested by those attending the events in order to ensure that there is a wide spread of interest for everyone. All subjects are invited – whether considered contentious or not! Simply respond with your suggestions to our email address contact@hospitalitynetwork.co.uk and we will, if appropriate, include your topic for discussion and debate.

How Are We Funded?

We are seed funded directly by the founder members; Peter Pitham (Chair), Andrew Etherington (Event Organiser), Peter Roberts (Treasurer), Niccola Boyd-Stevenson (Founder Member), Kate Gould (Founder Member) and Derek White (Founder Member).

We invite sponsorship from caterers and suppliers for venues, wine and food, as it all helps lighten the load on our own pockets!!

If you are interested in supporting us, please click the link to email contact@hospitalitynetwork.co.uk to propose any sponsorship that you would like to make. As you may expect, your generosity will be acknowledged at our events as appropriate.

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